Sunny PG & Hostel
Accomodation for Boy's



  1. Where is the Sunny’s PG & Hostel Located?
    Sunny’s PG & Hostel is located at Posh and Safe area on CG Road, nearest for university, H.L., Somlalit, Navkar, G.L.S., Nirma Institute, and IIPM Etc.
  2. What kinds of Rooms are available at Hostel?
    As per the Demand of the students, we provide the room with one, two or three beds. Rooms with attached bathrooms and A.C. rooms are also available on demand.
  3. What about food Service?
    We Provide Pure Veg. Food to Student. We also provide Jain food for Jain students.
  4. Which institute and college student take admission in your hostel? 
    We have Student of reputed College like H.L., Somlalit, Navkar, G.L.S., Nirma Institute, and IIPM Etc.
  5. Do our children get proper atmosphere for studies in your Accommodation? 
    We try our best to give proper and best atmosphere to student.
  6. I would never like my child to share room with executive or the person who is not of his age or his field, is it possible in your hostel or accommodation?
    Yes. We make sure that the students are compatible. GOOD FOR THEM & COMOFORTABLE for Both of Us. We strictly do not accommodate working boy stay with student in same campus. We have separate campus for them.
  7. How can I Get Admission in your accommodation?
    One gets admission and is welcome in the hostel, after filling forms, submitting necessary document and terms fees.
  8. What are the required DOCUMENTS for admission in the Sunny’s Hostel?
    2 Photographs, 1 Id Proof, 1 College Admission Proof.


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