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It has been five days since joining Sunny P. G and hostel. I am not missing my family because of such atmosphere available here. There are number of amenities’ served here such as laundry, a good quality of food and a very good environment for studies. The rooms are very good. I may not get such things in any other P.G.

Meet thaker,  from Gandhi Dham.

 IIPM student


The one year stay of mine at P.G of Mr. Sunny was a great experience. I never felt home sickness in case of food and facilities. The atmosphere at the P.G is definitely very good for students. Though strict the staff is very supportive

 Pratik Bhatia, from Surat.

 student of H L College,


IN one word, it can be said as Memorable. The days I spent in Sunny P.G are really amazing. The rooms are beautiful with all the facilities. The food is like home. And the most I like in this P.G are friends which I got over here .Management [sunny bhai} only admit those students who are well mannered and stay there as per their rules .LOVE THIS P.G.

 Rejin Larghere


My experience at Sunny P.G is very much better than the previous one because the atmosphere here is friendly, comfortable, and very good for study. And the most important thing is that the food provided here is at its best. There are restriction over bad things such as smoking cigarette, drinking liquor, or other illegal activities.

Sunny Jain from Dahod



One of my greatest experience, I had in Sunny P.g and Hostel. The surrounding and atmosphere with strict rules and regulations.                 

Veeraj Modha from Ankleshwar.       


The atmosphere in Sunny P.G is very comfortable for students. her are many students who are sinners to us and help us and guide us in our study. All the students are well behaved .Sunny sir is very simple person and very co operative. I am very much satisfied in this accommodation.                                                  

Nikhil Upadhya ,Baswara, Rajasthan


Atmosphere of Sunny P.G and Hostel is Best one. Infrastructure of P.G is very good compare to other P.G. Owner of this Hostel is very good in nature and co operative. Best food is served, rooms are neat and clean. All the rooms are well furnished. Students in P.G are friendly and co operative.

Shubham Jain from Rajasthan



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