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It has been five days since joining Sunny P. G and hostel. I am not missing my family because of such atmosphere available here. There are number of amenities’ served here such as laundry, a good quality of food and a very good environment for studies. The rooms are very good. I may not get such things in any other P.G.

Meet thaker,  from Gandhi Dham.

 IIPM student


The one year stay of mine at P.G of Mr. Sunny was a great experience. I never felt home sickness in case of food and facilities. The atmosphere at the P.G is definitely very good for students. Though strict the staff is very supportive

 Pratik Bhatia, from Surat.

 student of H L College,


IN one word, it can be said as Memorable. The days I spent in Sunny P.G are really amazing. The rooms are beautiful with all the facilities. The food is like home. And the most I like in this P.G are friends which I got over here .Management [sunny bhai} only admit those students who are well mannered and stay there as per their rules .LOVE THIS P.G.

 Rejin Larghere

About the hostel

Sunny’s PG & Hostel Accommodation for boys. Perfectly designed rooms and interiors give the great ambience for a pleasant living.
Sunny’s Hostel (For boys) was launched in 1997 by Sunny Singh Sen. and his wife Maninder Kaur (Seema ben).

The Hostel has been well designed and meticulously planned considering the privacy of the individuals.

On the opening window, when we give the introduction, we aim to provide quality of living, maintaining standard of accommodation with modern amenities and safety on priority. Project is situated at CG Road, nearby university area. Location is most convenient for almost all boys studying in College like H.L, Somlalit, Navkar, G.L.S, Nirma Institute, I.I.P.M. and Knowledge academy.



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